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Salvation does not originate with you, nor should it stop with you.  It is a process that is initiated by our Heavenly Father and passes through you going on to a destination unknown.  Unknown to us, but known to Him.  Yet, most of the time we act as though we are the ones providing salvation, therefore we fail to extend to others the same grace that has been given to us.  And the rest of the time, we simply bottle up that salvation like a damn, never allowing it to reach its next destination.  #letitflow


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The 2GFC family sends blessings to members with birthdays in July.
Jul 26, 2016 486
5th Sunday Family Fellowship & Discipleship Sunday   [Announcements]
The day is set aside for fellowship and ministry training.
Jul 26, 2016 512
40 Day Fast
Beginning April 21 (Day after Easter)
Daniel Fast Recipe
40 Day Fast Calendar
Apr 15, 2014 2687
Do You Treat Your Church Newcomers Like Cancer Patients? Surprise: You Should!
But as I think back on the events of the past three months, I’d like to share with you what I learned from hospital staff, doctors, nurses and even patients at the City of Hope about being a newcomer. I realize that a cancer hospital may not be the first place you would look for insights on welcoming church visitors and new members.
Mar 25, 2014 49
5 Myths People Spread About Jesus, Sex and Gay Marriage
"Jesus quoted the text of Genesis 2:24 as the foundation of His teaching on marriage. This is the biblical doctrine of “origins.” Jesus even used the clause “from the beginning it was not so” when talking about divorce....By affirming “what was from the beginning,” Jesus is defining marriage in God’s ideal terms! Jesus doesn’t have to disaffirm anything (which would be impossible since there are so many aberrations and the list just keeps growing). He only has to affirm one thing—and Jesus did that. So the idea that because Jesus didn’t mention homosexuality somehow means that it isn’t a point of human brokenness is a fallacy."
Feb 27, 2014
Church Growth, Size and Numbers: 5 Must-Know Essentials
"Pastors who get up when numbers are up also get down when the numbers drop. If you feel more worthy, more loved, more hopeful and just generally better about yourself and the world when the sanctuary is full, then watch out."
Feb 6, 2014
4 Dangerous Church Growth Myths
Once I had a friend—I’ll call him Bill—who worked out every day at the gym. When we got together, he liked to flex his bicep and say, “Greg, feel this!” Bill’s muscles were rock hard...
Feb 4, 2014
A Pastor's Journey Feb 2, 2014
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